Supplier Sustainability in the Scania Supply Chain

Conducting a responsible business is a key priority for Scania. Sustainability is firmly rooted in our core values and our way of working with continuous improvement. We strive to ensure that our business is sustainable in all aspects and that we comply with the highest social, ethical and environmental standards at every stage. Accepting and complying with Scania’s social and environmental requirements is a prerequisite for doing business with Scania, and it lies within the responsibility of each supplier of Scania to forward and secure corresponding undertakings in the supply chain.

Scania is committed to upholding the United Nations Global Compact’s principles relating to labour practices, human rights, environment and anti-corruption in its own operations as well as in its supply chain. Scania Supplier Code of Conduct outlines our expectations and requirements on labour and human rights, health and safety, environment, business ethics and management. The requirements stated in Scania Supplier Code of Conduct are Scania’s minimum sustainability requirements and we encourage our suppliers to go beyond these. The requirements are being aligned with Volkswagen Code of Conduct for Business Partners, which requirements are the basis for successful execution of business relations between the Volkswagen Group and its partners.

Supplier Sustainability in the Scania Supply Chain

Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire
We use the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) on Sustainability developed by the members of DRIVE Sustainability as a tool to evaluate risk of supplier not meeting our sustainability requirements. The result of the SAQ is indicating for us your current level of fulfilling our Sustainability requirements. For further information regarding the SAQ please get yourself familiar with the supplier handbook.

Please note that to fill in and submit the SAQ you accept to leave (Scania) website and access NQC supplier assurance platform – a 3rd party secure platform provider Keep in mind that the SAQ is location based and that a SAQ is only visible and valid for Scania if you have shared the SAQ with us on the We do not accept PDF versions of the SAQs sent to us directly.

Instructions how to share the SAQ with Scania: Share SAQ

System and registration questions should be address to the supplier assurance support team.

The questionnaire is also available via DRIVE Sustainability’s web page (Note! To register and share your answers you have to register at the platform): On the DRIVE Sustainability web page, you will also find FAQ regarding the SAQ and PDF copy of the Questionnaire in different languages.

Sustainability Rating
To include sustainability in a standardized way into our daily internal decisions, we have implemented a Sustainability Risk Rating in our sourcing decisions. Sustainability risk rating is based on of the SAQ result and country risk. Furthermore, even audit result might affect the rating. The Sustainability Risk Rating is included in new sourcing decisions alongside other ratings Scania performs today and will have the same impact on the decision making as other ratings e.g. quality and logistics. Therefore it is important that you take the SAQ seriously and fill it in with care.

Sustainability Audits
Scania conducts risk based audits to secure Scania Supplier Code of Conduct compliance. The audits are conducted either by Scania or an external firm that Scania cooperates with. An audit involves document review, management and employee interviews, planned tour, and result in an audit report and a corrective action plan.

If you have questions regarding the above described sustainability requirements or tools/activities, please contact: