Location of goods label plastic boxes

KLT (Blue plastic) boxes

The VDA Transport Label for KLT fits precisely into the KLT holders (label pockets). The labels must be inserted into the label pockets and secured against loss (e.g. by adhesive dots). For B1 label pocket on the bigger side, for B2 and B3 label pocket on the shorter side.

The label is to be inserted in the label frame and, if appropriate, secured with at most 2 adhesive points (see model illustration: items 1 and 2). The adhesive points may not conceal important particulars, the dimension and arrangements of the label frame are also suitable for mechanical voucher reading.

If Scania recommended labels are used, the backing on the labels should be kept on and the holder should be used. No product tags with additional adhesive agents or self-adhesive product tags may be applied. All users of such identification marks cause quality losses by making unambiguous identification and automatic scanning more difficult. Recycling is rendered more difficult and costs result for sorting, cleaning and removal of adhesive residues

Green plastic boxes

For Mini- and Small boxes the same label (Scania recommendation) can be used. Then it is accepted to use the adhesive and attach the label to the box. The goods label should be positioned on one of the 400 mm side of the box. The master label must be placed on a goods label holder and the holder shall be positioned on the 800 mm side of the pallet. The same rule is valid for the master label as for the green boxes.