Scania Supplier Portal


The Scania Supplier Portal is intended to be the main location of all relevant information you need in order to either; become a supplier to Scania or to perform your daily business as a supplier to Scania.

The portal consists of two separate parts:

Public part
  • Available for everyone with an internet connection
  • Brief information about Scania and what it means to deliver to Scania
  • Should contain all necessary information about how to become a supplier
  • Important information for contractors
Restricted part
  • Available to you if you have business with Scania and do have a signed NDA.
  • Requires a personal Scania Account and password.
  • Enables your employees to access other Scania Systems (e.g. quality, logistic applications)
Getting access to the restricted part

If you have business with Scania, or been nominated for any business, and do not have access to the restricted part of the portal you should get in contact with your responsible Purchaser at Scania.

Administrator responsibility

All companies that have access to thr restricted part of Scania Supplier Portal, do need to appoint at least 1 administrator that is responsible of creating user accounts and control the accesses within their company.

Upon setting up the company, the administrator will get all necessary information of how to proceed and what rules/regulations that need to be followed when maintaining the accounts of Scania Supplier Portal.

The information will also be available for logged in users on the page: User Management

Information available