Label for documentation parts

Parts for which documentation is needed to demonstrate compliance with legal requirements, product safety requirements, and other regulations, are called Documentation parts (D-parts).

Drawings and other manufacturing data are marked with <D> for these D-parts.

The packing material for the parts must be marked in a special way so that we can derive the serial number for our products from these D-parts.

It is the responsibility of the supplier of D-parts to furnish each pallet unit with two Documentation labels, SV 1263, besides the Odette transport label or goods label SV 694 g.

The following details must always be filled in:

  1. Part number, is obtained from the Order, Delivery Plan, or Packing List.
  2. Delivery date: year, month, day. This must absolutely correspond to the other documents.
  3. Number of cases with the same part number in the same delivery.
  4. Number of parts in this case, which must correspond to the Packing List.
  5. Supplier, name or Supplier Number according to the Delivery Plan.


The first D-part label must be positioned on the right of the ordinary goods label.
The second D-part label must be
positioned on the bottom left of the
opposite short side.
For D-parts delivered in boxes, the
Documentation label should be put in
the box.


D-part labels should be stapled with 6
staples, one in each marking.

The staples must not under any
circumstances be positioned in
any of the writing fields inside the perforated frame.