Contractors to Scania Industrial Maintenance

Scania Industrial Maintenance has a wide range of services within industrial projects, industrial maintenance and facility management and works with many contractors who help us in different areas.

The information on this page is for those who do contract work with us.
We would like you read what you need before you begin your work with us.

Information to contractors about required SSG Entre passports

All employees of companies carrying out work on the premises must complete a safety training course before arriving at the site to start work. An SSG Entre passport will be issued once the employee has completed and passed this training. This is a requirement for obtaining an entry permit/company card.

An SSG Entre passport is required for work at production premises, R&D premises and on the industrial complex. Anyone without a valid SSG Entre passport is not permitted to enter the site unless escorted by someone employed by Scania CV AB or Scania Industrial Maintenance AB.

Read more about SSG Entre passport


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