Manual Goods Label

A Manual goods label SV 694 g can be used before Scania has approved the Odette transport label.

On the manual label, the data must be filled in using a water-resistant and non-fading marker pen with a text height of approximately 30 mm.

The following details must always be filled in:

  1. Part number from the Delivery Plan or Packing List.
  2. Receiving plan from the Delivery Plan.
  3. Stores from the Delivery Plan.
  4. Number of cases with the same part number in the same delivery.
  5. Number of parts in this case (same as the quantity in the Packing List).
  6. Delivery date: year, month, day.
  7. Delivery note number for the shipment.
  8. Supplier number as shown on the Delivery Plan.
  9. Supplier name as shown on the Delivery Plan.
The goods label file below is accessible for printing.

Goods label to print

SV694g[1] 9 Dec, 2019