EDI Messages

Scania is using the following standards for EDI messages:

  • Scania profiles of EDIFACT
    • Global DESADV
    • DESADV D.96A
    • DELFOR D.96A (DELINS and Schedule)
    • DELJIT D.96A
    • Global INVOIC

Please note that Scania uses two different messages for DELFOR D96A;

  • Schedule is used by Scania Production Units
  • DELINS is only used by Scania Parts Center in Oudsbergen, Belgium (Spare parts)

Specifications for all Scania EDI messages can be found below.

System Changes

N.B. Scania should at all times be informed regarding any changes made in the Organisations IT systems that could affect Scania. A change in the system could lead to a re-implementation of the supplier with testing of all EDI messages.

EDI Message Specifications

DELFOR (2 Versions) 18 Dec, 2019
Global DESAVD 18 Dec, 2019
DESADV D96A 18 Dec, 2019
Global-INVOIC 18 Dec, 2019
DELJIT D96A 18 Dec, 2019