Logistics Manual

The Logistical Manual describes what Scania expects from you as a supplier with respect to logistics. 

In the Logistic Manual you find Scania’s basic logistic demands. You also find who within Scania you should contact for different logistic issues.
Scania expects that your organisation knows about, understands and acts according to all that is written in the Logistic Manual.

This Scania standard STD4172 states Scania’s logistics requirements and is valid globally.

The logistics manual describes what the Scania Production Units (PRUs) and Scania Parts Logistics demands from an Organisation with respect to logistics. The Scania Logistic Manual consists of a series of standards. STD4172 gives an overview of Scania’s general logistics requirements. The other standards in the STD4172-series are divided into more specific areas, see figure 1.

The Logistics Manual consists of following documents:

• STD4172-1: Scania EDI

• STD4172-2: Transport booking and loading instructions

• STD4172-3: Requirements and deviation handling from part Organisations and logistics service providers

• STD4172-4: Packaging

• STD4172-5: Carrier instructions

• STD4172-6: X-dock operator instructions

• STD4172-7: Fair Transport

• STD4172-8: Pick up locations within Scania Euronet-Requirements

• STD4172-9: Packaging Service Providers