Frequently Asked Questions

I can not login to Supplier Portal, whom shall I contact?

You are recommended to follow the process below:

  1. Carefully read through the Helpdesk section and User Guides, especially the parts about password reset.
  2. Contact your local company administrator, which could support with reseting password and giving you the correct access.
  3. Send an email describing the issue as detailed as possible and make sure to include your UserID (Sxxxxx) and 7-digit supplier number to:

Latin America

Rest of the World (including Europe): Supplier Portal Helpdesk

Does the portal look the same for everybody?

More or less, the only thing that differ is the applications available (depends on the access given). If you lack any access, please get in contact with your local company administrator.

I can’t login, what can I do?
  1. Use the “I forgot my password” functionality, see section User guide.
  2. Contact your supplier account responsible at your company
  3. Contact your responsible sourcing manager
  4. Please send mail-request to Supplier Portal Helpdesk (including eventual screen-shots)
I have problems and I can’t reach my responsible buyer

Contact the Supplier Portal Helpdesk team, see first page for more information.

I can’t open documents

We have chosen to publish our documents in mainly .pdf since it is possible to open on all computers. In some specific cases you might run into documents in other formats.

.pdf – Download the freeware Adobe Reader

.doc, dot – Download the freeware Word Viewer

.xls – Download the freeware Excel Viewer

.zip – Download the freeware Winzip-test version

I have proposals how Scania can improve the portal

Send an e-mail to Supplier Portal Helpdesk

Is it possible to change portal language?

No, the portal language is English.

I want to administrate several supplier accounts with different supplier numbers, how can I do that?

At the moment you have to have more email aliases, since you will only be able to have one email address connected to one account.

But please be patient and stay tuned, we are looking to have a new solution in place very soon.