Gelangensbestätigung – Entry certificates

For suppliers who wish Scania to confirm that Scania have received goods from Germany, please send a list to Please do not send the e-mail to several recipients (i.e. do not “CC”). If urgent processing is necessary, please write “Urgent” or “Important” in subject line.

Scania has decided on a turnaround time of three weeks but the aim is always to make it faster.

Regarding the list, it is of utmost importance that it meets the following requirements:
• Invoice number
• Date of dispatch from Germany
• Place of delivery in Sweden
• Excel format
• One list per delivery address

Please note that Scania cannot provide any original signatures or stamps, only digital signatures which is in accordance with the German rules (link to summary of regulations here and here).

If you have any further question about this, please contact Johan Lockner on