Go-live instructions

This release information is only applicable for all automotive parts deliveries for serial production to Scania via Hasselt Logistic Hub Central Europe, Logistic Center & Consolidation Point. For prototype parts and parts to other buildings, the regular process will be applicable through the legacy system.

On this page you will find all necessary information, guidelines, and final steps that are required from you as a supplier to be ready for Go-live.

Training and Support

More information regarding the changes can be found in the Scania Specifications STD 4172-1 & 10. Please be advised that in regard to the utilization of software, documents, or other digital resources, the most recent version is always the most current.

After go-live, hyper care support will be provided. If you are experiencing any issues, reach out to supplier.readiness@scania.com  for support.

A Scania support function is going to be implemented, and you will receive notice in advance before the change takes place.

In case of questions of inquiries, please reply to this email (supplier.readiness@scania.com) or reach out to your purchaser.