Webinars & FAQ

This page provides access to all recorded webinars and their accompanying presentations, as well as a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. Throughout the supplier onboarding process, two webinars are scheduled: The first at the end of February and the second at the end of April.

Please find the below recording of Technical briefing webinar

Recording will be uploaded

Please find the below recording of Mid-term webinar

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Frequent asked Questions & Answers

Kindly review the FAQ below for additional information. 

Q1: Will all Scania units move to the new ERP and if yes when?

The implementation of Scania’s internal ERP system will be done Production Unit by Production Unit and in several implementation steps. The implementations will be done over the next several years. 

Q2: What is the expected timeline for the transition to Industry standards?

The release takes place in 2024 and applies for all automotive parts deliveries for serial production to Scania via Hasselt Logistic Hub Central Europe, Logistic Center & Consolidation Point. You will be provided with a detailed timeplan in January 2024. 

Q3: What are the key changes?

  • Updates to EDI landscape – new and improved EDI messages (incl. Delivery schedule, ASN, and Invoice)
  • Updates to transport labels – new format with unique identifier number for outer and inner packaging level (Global Transport Label)
  • Introduction of scheduling agreement – new supplier number for new EDI setup