Other contacts

Below you find a list of contacts for specific topics/applications available on the Scania Supplier Portal.

If you have issues with a specific application available on the portal, please do also visit the application page to find user guides as well as contacts.

Issues concerning Packaging

All issues concerning the application Embasy and/or deviations on packaging (e.g. damaged packaging) should be directed to packaging.planning@scania.com.

Teamroom related questions

If You have specific questions regarding TeamRoom, please send your request to teamroom@scania.com

Customs and Country of Origin Questions

All questions related to Country of Origin, LTSDs (Long Term Supplier Declarations) and the OCS Web application should be directed to customs@scania.com.

eQ2 Application

eQ2 system support questions to be addressed to purchasing.system.support@scania.com


For all eQ2 modules (including invoices sent out from eInvoice) the report issuer or PPAP contacts mentioned are the first ones to be contacted by the supplier. System support related issues should be addressed to purchasing.system.support@scania.com  

First point of contact for other invoice related issues: invoices.to@scania.com & for more information see Invoicing contacts


European contact (office hours 8AM to 6 PM)

Phone: +49 5361 – 9 – 33099

Email: b2bteam@vwgroupsupply.com

See ONE KBP Support page for more contacts.