Label for PPAP samples

For Trucks

When an order from Scania, Södertälje, Sweden includes the delivery of PPAP samples a goods label SV 3028 must be attached to the unit.

For Buses & Coaches

Use SV 3029 for deliveries to Buses & Coaches, Södertälje, Sweden and
SV 3030 for deliveries to Buses & Coaches, Slupsk, Poland.

The label shall be placed on the top right corners of the pallet’s front and rear side.


Attention is to the person in Scania that has requested PPAP sample.

The goods labels below are accessible for printing.

Goods labels for printing

SV3029 10 Dec, 2019
SV3030 10 Dec, 2019
SV3028 10 Dec, 2019