How to fill in the form

Scania is responsible for having export control classification for all items. We can classify the majority of items by ourselves, but information of classification given by the supplier is valuable information for us. This is to make sure that we classify the item correct. Suppliers can receive an Export control request if it is necessary. This form will be requested to answer in the Scania Supplier 360.

  • General information

Scania will provide information about the item in columns 2, 3, 4 and 5. Thereafter, you are requested to fill if you are a producer or distributor in column 6.

  • EU, US or other codes

In columns 7, 8 and 9 you are requested to fill in the EU, US or other export control classification. To get a better understanding of how an export control classification can look like we have stated some examples below. If your parts are not subject to EU export control, please classify them as “NSEC”. (Not subject to export control). If you are a distributor and are missing information, we recommend asking your tier 1 and 2 suppliers to fill that gap.


1E002.a.2 (minimum 5 digits, always a letter as the second digit)

US ECCN: 3A002.a.6.b (minimum 5 digits, always a letter as the second digit)


ML6.b.1 US: CATEGORY IV*(a)(6)

Note that, we are not requesting customs information as for example CN codes like 2612101000 or Taric for note for DU : DU017

  • Content of export control

For products that are based on US technology or produced in US, we kindly ask you to provide information about US content in column 11. The percentage is calculated as the cost-share of the total cost. More specifically, if it contains 10 % or more US content (hardware, software and technology) and in specific cases (e.g. Dual-Use 600-series and ITAR items) if it contains >0 % US Content.

Columns 12 and 13 should be filled in if the products have ingoing parts with classification. The percentage should be stated in the same way as column 11.

If you have any further questions regarding the form, please use the chat function that is found in column 1. The export control team will answer as soon as possible.