What is export control classification?

It´s a classification of a product (hardware, software, technology) that states if the product due to its properties and content are export controlled. This is due to that certain products might enable for example crimes against humanity.

Why do we need to provide information about the classification?

Scania is responsible for its own classification but information of classification given by the supplier are valuable information to determine the final classification of our products.

What can an export control classification look like?

DUAL USE ITEM EU ECC: 1E002.a.2 (minimum 5 digits, always a letter as second digit) US ECCN: 3A002.a.6.b (minimum 5 digits, always a letter as second digit) MILITARY ITEM EU: ML6.b.1 US: CATEGORY IV*(a)(6) We are not requesting customs information, see example below: CN code: 2612101000 Taric for note for DU: DU017