The European Commission just adopted the 11th  package of sanctions against Russia

Dear Suppliers,

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine still ongoing and all the great suffering that it entails, we further want to emphasize the importance of knowing your supply chains in this new geopolitical landscape that we find ourselves in.

The European Commission just adopted the 11th package of sanctions against Russia, focusing on the risk of circumvention of the existing sanctions, targeting e.g. neighbouring countries, countries supporting Russia, and third country/party transactions. Also, all items listed in the sanctions package are banned for transit via Russian territory.

If the EU Commission identifies intentional circumvention activities, the parties enabling that type of activity will be sanctioned by the EU and thereby banned from the European market and trading of European products.

We kindly ask you as Scania Supplier to comply with all the applicable export control legislations and/or sanctions/embargoes regulations and without any delay inform Scania of any changes that may have any impact on the export, re-export, or use of goods and/or end products in which the goods are included.

We are hoping for your co-operation and expect you to contact us if you see any risks in your ability to deliver as per our demands.

Please keep a close dialog with your main contact at purchasing and/or .

Kind regards,

Scania Purchasing and Logistics, 2023-07-10

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